John Jammen Made To Lick Feet

Watch Maitresse Madeline get some foot worship

Maistresse Madeline is trying to make her slave John Jammen into the kind of slave who will do everything without question. He has already learned about cbt torture and after so much ball torture he is happy to get a less painful lesson. He is told to worship her feet after she has oiled them and put stockings on.

He starts off sucking her toes but makes the mistake of complaining so a quick kick in the balls teaches him that they can go back to more painful aspects if he’s not happy. He is made to lick her pussy through the stockings as she uses her feet on his cock giving him a footjob.

He licks her pussy then sucks her toes as she orgasms from an Hitachi on her clit. She oils up her feet and puts them close together then has John fuck her feet. She puts him on his back and uses her feet to wank him till he cums. You can see this new method of male domination at Divine Bitches.

Tease And Denial For Kip Johnson


Watch Bella Rossi use her subby male

After being arrested yet again for touching himself in public Kip is ordered to a sex clinic by the judge to try solve his problem. Bella knows how to do this, stripping him naked he is already hard so she slaps his cock till it softens enough to fit into a chastity device.

Once locked away she ties him standing up with his arms above his head and starts to cane his ass. She whips his cock and balls hard explaining to him that this should give him a taste of what awaits him if he’s sent there again. A zapper to his cock makes him scream into his gag before she lets him down to ride him like a pony. Whipping his balls follows before she decides to test his resistance.

He is made to lick her pussy before a dildo gag is fitted and she rides his face. She takes it all and smothers him with her ass. Still straining to get hard she decides to teach him a lesson, tied bent over a table she strapon fucks his ass with a giant dildo. Hot wax on his back, cock slaps and squeezing his balls as she fucks his ass teaches him not to touch himself in public any more. You can see Bella using cbt torture as a lesson at Divine Bitches.

Three Male Submissives Suffer Hard CBT Torture

Watch as these 3 suffer 3 different mistresses

Kade, Jason Miller and Zac Tyler all find themselves at the hands of a different mistress, Maitresse Madeline, Isis Love and Bobbi Starr who seem intent on showing who can provide the hardest male torture. Ball torture as they are tied high up and squeezed is just the start as ass worhip follows and a dildo gag with a virator sees one almost drowned in pussy juice. Anal butt plug, whipped ass and a weighted parachute for another which she tugs on while the other one suffers a zapped cock, strapon ass fucking and ass smothering, There is so much more such as penis torture with pegs all the way up it, ball trampling and of course the girls double team them at some points. This is an edit from a live cock and ball torture scene shown on Divine Bitches, you really have to see it all to believe what these guys can take.

Nomad Getting Male Torture From Maitresse Madeline

Watch Nomad taking cbt torture and giving foot worship here

Nomad is caught using her shoes to play with himself so Maitresse Madeline decides to have some fun with him. She ties the shoe to his face attached to an ass hook which is inserted so he can’t move while she flogs his ass. His balls are tied and nipple clamps used to make sure he can’t back away as he is made to suck her feet and lick her ass. A dildo gag is used and she rides it till she comes dripping her juices over his face before using a fat strapon to fuck his ass. He is made to finsih by fucking her feet and leaving his juices all over her. You can see more male submissives at Divine Bitches.

Happy Birthday Felony, Male Torture

Watch Feloney give ball torture

It was Feloneys birthday so they got her two presents, the first a motorbike and the second Ricky Sinz all tied up to have his balls abused. He is already wearing a ballgag when she enters and is tied spreadeagled standing up so she attaches weight clips to his balls.

She yanks down on his balls until her grip slips off making him scream through the gag and laughing all the way through it. She slaps his chest making him sway and the ball weights to stretch his balls. More weights are aded before clips are placed on his body and whipped off. She whips his cock and ass before yanking his balls again then ties him face down over her bike.

She then strapon fucks his ass while playing with his cock. She turns him over and puts a box on his head with an opening by his mouth then rides him. He says he is going to cum so she jumps off and uses an Hitachi to cum on his face. She slaps his cock and refuses to let him cum. You can see Ricky get his balls stretched at Divine Bitches.

Jack Hammer Gets Cock Bondage From Marine Dia Zerva

Click here for cock and ball bondage from Dia Zerva

Dia Zerva is a marine trainer given Jack to put through his paces, her idea of bootcamp is different from the norm though as she shows him by starting him off naked. His cock is put through a ring and tied stretching his cock as far as it will go. He’s bent over and has his ass caned while being afraid of moving as every twitch is causing the most intense cock pain. He is forced to lick her to orgasm as she gives him painful ball torture smashing her shoes into his balls then she sticks an electric dildo in his ass. She puts a dildo gag on his mouth and rides it to orgasm then wanks him off till he’s ready to orgasm before stopping in a great moment of tease and denial. Divine Bitches have loads of these male domination videos and pictures of male submissives, these scenes can also be found at Kink On Demand.

Kade Has His Second Day Of Cock Punishment

Watch Lorelei Lee put Kade though cbt torture here.

Kades first day as a male submissive went well which is what confused Lorelei as in the second day he was whining the whole time. From standing on his cock for penis torture ball pain which included a weighted parachute stretching his balls to the limit to easy things like licking her pussy through pantyhose, all he did was whine. The more he did the worse the male torture got, flogging his ass, using a cattle prod on it then taping him to a pole with just his genitals showing was the start. A little soft ball kicking had him moaning so she started playing kick ball a bit harder. By her last balls kick he had huge balls so she let him come, using only her feet to masturbate him with. See the whole scene here at Divine Bitches.

One Full Day Of Male Domination

Watch DJ take male torture from Gia DiMarco

To tempt Gia into this scene she was told she had a full day to torture DJ who wanted to become one of the subby males on here. He had no idea how rough she could be and to help her along she was given a gimp helper. DJ is sat on the floor naked with his balls tied as she starts to whip him. He is bent over to have his ass paddled then spanked.

Nipple clamps are fitted before having his ass whipped. She ties his cock and balls then attaches the rope to her heel, moving it around and stretching his balls. She tramples all over him before tying him bending over to strapon ass fuck him with a giant dildo while dripping was on his back.

She puts him in a chastity cage and teases him as she rides her gimp while whipping his chest. She makes him lick her ass while she is being fucked then after she cums she rubs it in his face. You can see DJ take cbt torture at Divine Bitches.

Aiden Starr Uses CBT And Bondage On A Panty Thief

Watch Aiden punish Zak Tyler for stealing panties from her shop.

When Aiden catches Zak steling panties and taking them into a dressing room to masturbate she has the perfect opportunity to teach him a lesson. She blackmails him into letting her tie him up and thinking it could be fun he did it. Once tied though she gave him some cbt torture digging her heels into his cock. She canes his ass, paddles it then shoves a butt plug into it. She ties his cock between his legs then dresses him in panties and plays with him leaving his cock strainging at the rope as he nears orgasm. She brings herself off then before letting him come then as a last nasty bit of humiliation she leaves him tied up and covered in his own come for the cleaners to find. This is a big penis torture scene with things such as dildo on a stick and ball torture which can be found at Divine Bitches.

CBT Torture To Cure Masturbator

Watch Mz Berlin inflict penis torture

Nurse Mz Berlin runs a clinic to cure men who have a chronic compulsion to masturbate. When Daemon arrives he is gagged, blindfolded and tied standing up as she beats his cock with a book. She uses nipple clamps on him then sucks him hard before whipping his ass.

Next he is tied lying down as she makes him lick her pussy as she slaps his cock. She climbs on top of him and starts riding his cock then climbs off him just as he cums. Cumming without permission is not allowed so she shoves a thick sound in his cock which is already soft. She then attachs electrodes to it and zaps his cock before adding small clamps all over his cock and balls.

She yanks on them laughing as he screams while she fucks his ass with a strapon. She rips the clamps off one at a time without opening them before putting him in a straightjacket. He is made to lick her ass before she takes his soft cock between her teeth and bites his cock hard enough to leave marks. You can see Mz Berlin torture mens balls at Divine Bitches.