Kip Johnson Created For Male Torture

Watch Lorelei Lee give out cbt torture

Scientist Lorelei Lee finally suceeds in making her own man, now all she had to do was see how perfectly she had made him. As he was meant to be one of her male subbmissives she had to test him on control and pain management. She starts off caning his cock and putting nipple clamps on him before putting him in a cage.

She uses tweezers to pull on his cock skin and is left unhappy as he leaks pre-cum. He is bent over to have his ass spanked with a metal paddle before his cock is caned again. He is led on his back to be fingered by Lorelei to get him ready to be strapon ass fucked.

She fucks his ass hard while strangling his cock then as punishment for leaking more pre=cum she fists his ass. She rides his dildo gag and masturbates him to the edge over and over again while slapping him to take him off the edge. She finally cums and locks him back up in chastity. You can see Lorelei fisting ass at Divine Bitches.

Maitresse Madelines Male Domination Of Two Male Submissives

Watch Madeline test out how much cbt torture her two slaves can handle.

To celebrate Madeline giving her first live show she is handed two subby males and told to test out how much cock torture they can handle. Madeline though always goes further using humiliation, trampling, cbt and of course tease and denial. What’s even better with this one is she takes advice from the audience about what to do next, strapon fucking or whipping ass she is all ready for anything. She also uses a zipper and ties up cock using rope of her two slaves, Jack Hammer and David Chase. This great live male torture scene can be found at Divine Bitches or get just this scene via Kink On Demand.

Massive Cuckold Gangbang

Watch Annie Cruz humiliate hubby

Annie Cruz goes to a bar with her cuckold husband already wearing a chastity device and starts flirting with a barman. She torments her husband then ties him to a wall before stripping him off, putting clamps on his balls and yanking them off. She strips the barman then and starts to suck cock while her husband watches.

She ties her husband on his back then strapon fucks him before telling her new man to invite his friends over. Her husband is made to watch then as they all strip off for a cuckold gangbang. They spitroast her until she screams then she makes her husband suck balls as she gives the blowjob.

He is made to give blowjobs then to get them hard before they fuck her pussy. When they are all ready to finish he is tied down and they take turns dumping cum on his face except the last guy who cums in Annies mouth. She then dribbles that into his mouth before having a squirting orgasm to wash his face clean. You can see this cuckold gangbang at Divine Bitches.

Balls Tied And Tortured

Watch Jesse Carl take cbt torture

Jesse Carl has been too cocky with his last two mistresses as he is trained to become a proper male submissive so for his third day they hand him over to Gia DiMarco knowing she would teach him or break him. His balls are tied with rough rope to the ground so he can’t even flinch as she whips his cock.

She grabs the rope and pulls it even tighter then ties it behind him. He is made to pull forward to lick her feet stretching his balls to breaking point before being bent over for an ass spanking. He is tied and bent over being made to lick ass till she’s satisfied then she gets to use his ass.

She strapon fucks him so hard he’s leaking prostate fluid and as she goes harder and deeper he eventually cums without her touching his cock. She scoops it up and rubs it in his face before getting him hard and riding him till she’s ready. She has a squirting orgasm in his face then makes him lick her clean before wanking him to the edge and stopping. You can see Jesse get his balls stretched at Divine Bitches.

Cuckold Husband Made To Please Bull

Gia Dimarco uses subby husband

Even though Gia Dimarco loves her husband but refuses to have sex with any man that has a 4 inch penis. Being the loving husband he searches the net for well endowed men for her. The latest one, Wolf Hudson pleases her so much she decides to let him join in, in a way.

She ties his cock and balls then strapon fucks his ass while Wolf records it on video. She gets him hard then Wolf fucks her while she is fucking her husband. After that Dietrich is made to suck his cock while being ass fucked. He is then made to beg Wold to fuck ehr in front of him.

While she rides his cock her husband is made to lick both pussy and cock to help then enjoy it more. After that and once he is ready Wolf leaves his cum on and around her pussy. Her husband is made to lick up and swallow every single drop while still in his cage. You can see this male submissive cuckold at Divine Bitches.

Male Submissive Training Of Parker London

Watch Bobbi Starr give CBT torture

Parker London is the sex slave chosen to be a plaything for over 40 women at Maitrsse Madelines birthday party so he gets handed over to Bobbi Starr to check he is ready. Wearing next to nothing and tied Bobbi starts by crushing his balls to make sure he can take ball torture.

She slaps his chest and squeezes his balls before putting a ballgag in his mouth. Tied bent over he is shown her massive strapon and taunted. He has his ass spanked before she uses the full length to strapon ass fuck him. She slaps him all over and bites his nipples before testing how well he licks pussy.

While he’s licking she is slapping his cock and beating his balls. She bites his cock then before making him beg for her to ride him. She gets on top warning him not to cum then rides him as she has orgasm after orgasm. At the end he is allowed to finish getting top marks from her. You can see Parker London suffer male torture at Divine Bitches.

Maitresse Madeline Loves Male Domination

Watch Madeleine hurt sissy Will

Will came into this scene thinking he could take all the punishment Madeleine usually dishes out but she had a different plan in mind. She starts off as expected by caning his chest but soon goes off the norm. She strips him off and tucks his cock and balls between his legs before making him wear panties.

He is made to put on a skirt, high heels, a blouse and a wig before applying his own makeup. While putting his makeup on he is whipped and warned not to make a mess of it before having to crawl to Madeleine. Will is made to suck her strapon then get himself hard before bending over for an ass spanking.

She strapon ass fucks him then making him take it all while playing with his cock. She stops the strapon then and plays with him making him hard then making him ask permission to cum. Just as he’s ready she puts his cock back in the panties so he cums in them. You can see Maitresse Madeline make Will into a sissy at Divine Bitches.

Corbin Dallas Whipped To Cum


Watch Cherry Torn punish cock here

Corbin Dallas is tied standing up when Cherry Torn arrives and knowing how much he leaks she made him promise not to cum until she’s finished with him. Starting off whipping his chest she soo has him warmed up but when she removes his pants it seems he’s already dripping. That’s enough excuse to whip his ass and squeeze his balls.

When he leaks even more she shoves a massive buttplug up his ass which makes him leak even more. For that she whips his nipples before lying him on his back, removing the buttplug and strapon fucking his ass. While she fucks his ass she only touches his cock and he cums which makes her mad so she continues playing with it till he screams from post orgasm torture.

She rubs his cum on his face and in his mouth then puts him in a chastity belt locking the key in with his cock. A dildo gag is fitted and she rides his face till she cums over it then removes the gag to make him lick her pussy clean. After another orgasm over his face she leaves him to try and work out how to get the belt off. You can see this male domination at Divine Bitches.

Barney Suffers Male Domination From 3

Watch Barney take cbt torture here

Barney asked to be dominated by 3 dommes so they got him the best in Lorelei Lee, DragonLily and Maitresse Madeline. He starts off tied standing with his cock and balls in stocks. A ballgag is fitted before she bites his cock and whips his chest. This is just a warmup though as she puts pegs on his balls and whips his ass.

The pegs are removed so she can whip his cock hard before tying him lying on his back with his legs in the air. Dragonlily spanks his ass as Lorelei gets him to the edge of orgasm then leaves him. They then take turns strapon ass fucking him while keeping him on the edge of orgasm while using other tortures such as elastic bands on him.

Hi is made to lick ass as Dragonlily sits on top of him while the others milk his prostate and keep him on edge. He eventually cums while they aren’t even touching his cock so they milk him dry, keeping him going even after he has finished. You can watch male submissive Barney dominated by these three at Divine Bitches.

Zak Tyler Made To Swallow Cum

Watch Zak take CBT torture

Maitresse Madeline gets to be the last to test out Zak Tyler so she is going to make sure she is the toughest test. He is blindfolded, stripped and tied with his hands above his head as she whips his ass. She ties his balls tight then teases him using castration bands to make him sweat.

She whips him some more before stretching a rope from his balls and tying his balls to the ground as tight as she can make it. Maitresse Madeline then sits on his face and makes him lick her ass and pussy. She strapon fucks his ass as she wanks him to near orgasm then stops.

She gives him a footjob to get him close to the edge then places a cock sheath on him and lets him fuck her with it while feeling no pleasure of his own. After she has finished she milks him until he has finished then makes him eat his own cum. You can see Maitresse Madeline give CBT torture to Zak Tyler at Divine Bitches.