Stretched Balls Get Tortured

Watch Brian Bonds ball torture

Mistress Felony and Mistress Francesca Le have finally got their hands on a new slave and intend giving him a good idea of what is to come. He is made to crawl over to them naked and lick their feet but makes the mistake of not saying thank you. As punishment they tie his balls then hang heavy weights from them. That’s not enough ball punishment for them so one grabs the rope and tugs while he has to puul against it to get to the other ones shoes. She keeps the rope tight making him stretch his balls to reach the shoes.

He is bent over a table and the rope pulled every time he flinches as they spank his ass before giving him some pleasure by getting him to suck their tits. He is made to lick ass then suck pussy and when he doesn’t do it good enough they make him stand with the weights stretching his balls as they whip his cock. After that they use a gates of hell and insert it in his cock before putting tight nipple clamps on him and getting him to lie on his back.

His legs are tied open as he is strapon ass fucked while having pegs placed on his body and being made to lick ass. He cums but with the insert in nothing comes out and is trapped in there. That isn’t long enough for the girls though who rip the zippers off and get him hard to ride him. He has to pleasure them both with his cock and mouth begging all the time to cum again but they make him wait until they’ve finish then get him to finish again. You can see Brian Bonds take cbt torture as Divine Bitches.

Bobbi Starr Gives Ball Torture To Cuckold

Watch Lorelei Lee give male torture here

Lorelei Lee and Bobbi Starr are chatting about old boyfriends and Bobbi is getting jealous about how well hung Loreleis old boyfriend is when he turns up at the shop. It isn’t long before Lorelei convinces Bobbi to get her husband out of the way so she can have a ride on Rod Spunkels cock. She is being fucked from behind when he returns angry but Bobbi soon convinces him to go with the flow as the only other option is to lose her.

Lorelei joins in and convinces him to be tied facing Bobbi bent over so he can see how happy she is but once there she starts whipping his ass. Bobbi starts teasing him saying he never pleased her like this before Lorelei starts to spank his balls then moves on to strapon ass fucking him. She even manages to kness him in the balls while fucking his ass then squeezes his balls tight. While holding them she whips his balls until he screams.

When Rod goes soft he is made to suck cock or risk another ball beating. Once hard Bobbi rides him again as Sebastian is made to lick cock and pussy at the same time. Sebastian Keys is then made to lick her feet clean while Rod fucks her and soon realises why. Once Rod is ready he cums on her feet and Sebastian is made to lick it all up while having his balls punished. You can see this cuckold male submissive take cbt torture at Divine Bitches.

Zak Tyler Gets His Cock Stomped

Watch Nika Noire giving out penis torture

Zak Tyler has been getting trained up for his life as of male domination and for the next session he is handed to mistress Nika Noire. She starts him off slow, tied up and made to lick her boots. After this he had to put his tied cock on a step and had his cock stomped.

She strapped his balls up and pulled them up behind him hard forcing him to bend over as she whipped his balls. He had his ass caned then was made to suck her tits. When he wasn’t good enough at that she caned his back and made him lick her pussy while she used a vibrator to bring herself to orgasm.

She put pegs on his balls then strapon ass fucked him before making him fuck her pussy. She rode him to another orgasm and smacked his face while torturing his balls. You can see Zak get his cock stomped at Divine Bitches.

Scout Takes Ball Torture From Brat

Watch Dana DeArmond ball torture Scout

Brat Dana is fed up of going out with the worst player in the school football team and when her cheerleader friends make fun of her she decides to take it out on her boyfriend Scout. She bends him over in the locker rooms to spank his ass and when his coach walks in he is embarrassed but figures his torment is over.

Hi coach says he deserves it and grabs him from behind, holds him still as Dana whips his cock. She puts weighted clamps on his balls and whips him some more making the weights swing and the ball torture more painful. Next she puts a chastity device on him before tying him to a bench to watch her suck the coaches cock. She makes Scout lick the coaches shoes clean as she strapon fucks his ass.

She ties him face up with a ring gag in his mouth and makes him watch the coach fuck her before sitting on his face and making him lick her pussy. The coach fucks her with her pussy just an inch over Scouts face as she continues his ball torture by biting his balls. She wanks the coach off then so his come lands on Scouts face and in his open mouth, she pushes the rest of the cum in his mouth to finish his humiliation. You can see this great ball torture scene at Divine Bitches.

Leo Forte Suffers Male Torture From Two Doms

Watch Leo make his debut in male torture

Leo had always hidden his desire for male domination because he was told it was wrong but agreed to do this scene as he was secretly looking forward to it. They handed him over to Dia Zerva and Felony who wasted no time by putting a collar and leash on him then stripping him down for an ass spanking.

He is made to lick ass while being strapon ass fucked with a large dildo. This continues for a while then he is tied to a metal grid with his cock and balls sticking through the grid. The girls tease him before tipping hot wax down his back. The teasing stops and the male torture takes off as they use the hot wax on his cock and balls.

They cover the rest of him in wax before both caning his ass at the same time. His cock and balls are tied to the ground stopping him from moving as they move to caning him at the front giving him more male torture than he could ever want. See this CBT torture session at Divine Bitches.

Three Vampires Dish Out Male Torture

Watch male submissive John Jammen used by 3

When head vampire Aiden Starr tells her minions Bobbi Starr and Nika Noire she needs more than blood to survive the night they find her a prize in John Jammen. Talking him into coming with them isn’t a problem as any man would be tempted by these 2 stunners.

Once in the dungeon he is tied to a pole and flogged before being made to lick ass by Nika. She rides his cock till he’s ready to come then scoops it up into a jar ready for her mistress. Bobbi Starr then takes him and ties him up before tying his cock and balls and flogging him. She jerks him off till she has her glass of cum then sits on his face while using a vibrator. They both strapon ass fuck him then before Aiden joins in.

Tied to a table he is helpless as she whips his cock before biting his cock. A zipper is placed on his nipples and she canes his balls as they are ripped off. While one sits on his face Aiden rides him while Bobbi holds his limp cock up enough for her to do so. They wank him off till they’ve got some more cum on a jar but refuse to stop wanking him in some post orgasm torture. You can see this penis torture of male submissive John at Divine Bitches.

Male Submissive Vince Ferelli Made Cuckold

Watch Vince suffer male domination here

When Vince wakes up bound and gagged wearing a chastity device he wondered what the hell was happening then he glanced over and saw his wife Lorelei fucking another guy. While she rides him she starts laughing at Vince and then begins whipping him.

Together they let him up and tie him standing bent over leaving him in the perfect position for Lorelei to strapon fuck his ass. As she is doing this Christian Wilde is fucking her from behind in a chain and they both enjoy watching Vince cry in pain as they pull a zipper each from him.

He is put in a box face up and made to watch Chris fuck his wife from a few inches away with Lorelei’s cum hitting his face. She sits on his face covering him with more cum before finally she jerks Chris off leaving his cum on her husbands face. A great cuckold scene of male torture at Divine Bitches.

Zak Tyler In Subby Males Hell

Watch Ashley Fire commit CBT torture

Zak Tyler is still having trouble as Ashley Fires continues his training. Today he starts off tied to the wall with he cock pressed between two metal plates being electrocuted as she whips his cock. She whips the rest of him too before seeing how well he can lick pussy.

She strapon fucks his ass with a huge dildo so deep you know it must be hitting his intestines. When his screams get too loud she releases him and makes him hold his cock out of the way as she kicks his balls in some nasty ball torture. He’s made to lick her ass next to show compliance and willingness to please.

She hangs heavy weights from his nipples and starts to wank him off with the promise of letting him finish if he can keep quiet. This was obviously a trick and she yanked down on the weights as he was getting ready to shoot his load. He screamed and she stopped. You can see Zaks male torture at Divine Bitches.

The Male Domination of Jesse Carl

Watch Jesse take cbt torture here

Jesse Carl gets put through his paces by Ashley Fires who takes a cock in her pussy for the first time ever on Divine Bitches. Jess is tied to a wall, blindfolded, gagged and with EMS pads on with his cock and balls tied to the floor as Ashley whips him all over.

She uses a cane on him then before using a cattle prod on his cock for the ultimate CBT torture. A zapper is used on his chest to make him lick pussy then a violet wand on his cock leaves him screaming. A collar around his cock keeps him erect for Ashley to ride him without making him cum.

She rides him hard while crushing his balls against the collar then leaving him wanting more. She uses a monster strapon dildo to fuck his ass hard before doing tease and denial on him, bringing him to the edge then stopping several times. You can see Jesse Carl take penis torture at Divine Bitches.

Schoolboy Nomad Takes Some CBT Torture

Watch Dragonlily And January Seriph enjoy ball torture

When Nomad is caught in the school toilets whacking himself off his teachers decide he should get more than detention. They drag him back to class and rip his clothes off before bending him over a desk for an ass spanking. They cane his ass before putting a collar on his balls with weights hanging from it.

He is handcuffed before they use paddles on his ass then make him suck their feet. A zipper is placed up and down his body while they stamp on his cock before they give him a footjob. He is made to lick ass as the zipper is ripped off before being tied bent over.

They strapon fuck his ass with a huge dildo while he licks ass. They fuck him till he screams for mercy before ending his male domination torment. You can see Nomad take his male torture at Divine Bitches.