Male Slave John Jammen Gets Forced Male Multiple Orgasms

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John Jammen gets lent to Maitresse Madeline to do whatever she wants with so her first thought is to tie him up naked and shove her knickers into his face. A ballgag is used on him before the male torture starts as she flogs his chest. The cbt torture isn’t far behind, tying his balls and weighing them down as she whips his balls hard.

She is so turned on by this that she wants to come but doesn’t want her subby male to get any fun so she shoves a clear thick sheath over his cock and starts fucking him. Even though you know he can’t feel anything her still comes without permission so she sets about teaching him a lesson. She ass smothers him before making him lick her ass sticking his tongue in deep then she uses a double dildo, her pussy on one side and fucking his ass with the other.

All the while she is wanking him off as he pleads for mercy. Even after he comes again she is playing with him before relenting and blowing on his cock to cool it down. That’s one man who won’t come without permission again. Divine Bitches has this great scene and many others of men being used and abused.

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