Jack Hammer Takes A Ball Kicking

Watch January Seriph make Jack suffer

January loves using tease and denial but it’s her methods that make her stand out. As well as using normal methods she likes to use pain to bring Jack down from the edge. He starts off tied spreadeagled standing up with rope from his balls tied to a weighted bucket as she whips him before she crushes his cock with clamps.

She fingers his ass with both hands before using a vibrator to bring him to the edge of orgasm while strapon fucking his ass. She then uses the clamps on his balls pulling them around then making him lick her pussy to orgasm. She rides him then bringing him near to orgasm again.

She uses more cbt torture on him before giving him a fast handjob till he’s just a stroke or two from coming then stops. She ties some cord around his cock and balls to keep him from coming then leaves him there. You can see January showing Jack what male domination is all about at Divine Bitches.

Tease And Denial Cock Torture

Watch Michael Bridalveil under male domination

Michael is stunned by how stunning Nicki Hunter looks in red latex and is willing to do anything for her. This is just as well because Nicki has some weird ideas and picks Michael out of her subby males to torture. He is stripped and bent over to have his ass spanked before she shoves her fingernail into his pee hole.

He is made to lick her shoes and then her dress before having his ass whipped. She puts a ball parachute on him and stretches his balls before hanging weights from it. He is made to suck a strapon while a buttplug is inserted only for it to be replaced as she strapon fucks his ass.

He has a bit gag used on him with reins so she can keep him from pulling away as she fucks his ass using a massive strapon. She rides him to the edge of orgasm then gets off before starting again, keeping him right on the edge. When he accidentally goes over she makes him lick up his own cum. You can see Nicki Hunter stretch balls at Divine Bitches.

Tease And Denial For Kip Johnson


Watch Bella Rossi use her subby male

After being arrested yet again for touching himself in public Kip is ordered to a sex clinic by the judge to try solve his problem. Bella knows how to do this, stripping him naked he is already hard so she slaps his cock till it softens enough to fit into a chastity device.

Once locked away she ties him standing up with his arms above his head and starts to cane his ass. She whips his cock and balls hard explaining to him that this should give him a taste of what awaits him if he’s sent there again. A zapper to his cock makes him scream into his gag before she lets him down to ride him like a pony. Whipping his balls follows before she decides to test his resistance.

He is made to lick her pussy before a dildo gag is fitted and she rides his face. She takes it all and smothers him with her ass. Still straining to get hard she decides to teach him a lesson, tied bent over a table she strapon fucks his ass with a giant dildo. Hot wax on his back, cock slaps and squeezing his balls as she fucks his ass teaches him not to touch himself in public any more. You can see Bella using cbt torture as a lesson at Divine Bitches.

Jack Hammer Gets Cock Bondage From Marine Dia Zerva

Click here for cock and ball bondage from Dia Zerva

Dia Zerva is a marine trainer given Jack to put through his paces, her idea of bootcamp is different from the norm though as she shows him by starting him off naked. His cock is put through a ring and tied stretching his cock as far as it will go. He’s bent over and has his ass caned while being afraid of moving as every twitch is causing the most intense cock pain. He is forced to lick her to orgasm as she gives him painful ball torture smashing her shoes into his balls then she sticks an electric dildo in his ass. She puts a dildo gag on his mouth and rides it to orgasm then wanks him off till he’s ready to orgasm before stopping in a great moment of tease and denial. Divine Bitches have loads of these male domination videos and pictures of male submissives, these scenes can also be found at Kink On Demand.

The Painful CBT Of Mickey Mod By Lorelei Lee

Watch Lorelei show Mickey who’s boss as she uses ball torture and humiliation.

When Lorelei is asked to train Mickey to be a good slave she is happy to oblige. She wastes no time and starts off with a hard ass paddling before tying his balls up really tight till they turn purple and then to add to the ball torture she adds loads of pegs. When he begs for mercy she bends him over and strapon fucks his ass then pretending to feel sorry for the ball pain she’s caused she rides his cock. Thinking he will have his first orgasm in months he is almost over the edge in minutes but Lorelei senses this and in a classic tease and denial scene gets off and laughs in his face. This is a great scene which can be found at Divine Bitches.

Maitresse Madelines Male Domination Of Two Male Submissives

Watch Madeline test out how much cbt torture her two slaves can handle.

To celebrate Madeline giving her first live show she is handed two subby males and told to test out how much cock torture they can handle. Madeline though always goes further using humiliation, trampling, cbt and of course tease and denial. What’s even better with this one is she takes advice from the audience about what to do next, strapon fucking or whipping ass she is all ready for anything. She also uses a zipper and ties up cock using rope of her two slaves, Jack Hammer and David Chase. This great live male torture scene can be found at Divine Bitches or get just this scene via Kink On Demand.

Parker London In Tease And Denial

Watch Maitresse Madeline give cbt torture

Parker London is tied blindfolded to a chair at the start of this scene before Madeline strips him by tearing his clothes off and sucks his nipple to turn him on. She sucks his cock before the cbt torture starts with some cock slapping before biting his cock.

She uses her hands and mouth then to bring him to the edge of orgasm then keeps him there. He is made to lick ass and pussy bringing ther to orgasm while she keeps him right on the edge. She tickles his cock as she cums then moves down below to use her finger to milk his prostate while wanking him.

She strapon fucks his ass while wanking him then flicks his cock with her tongue. She then rides the tip of his cock before standing on his cock. She cums while riding the tip of his cock but never lets him finish. She does this for a full 4 hours before finally letting him cum then stops touching him ruining his orgasm. She then strokes him hard until hes screaming for her to stop. You can see this tease and denial at Divine Bitches.